1. Installation guidelines
  2. Mounting options
  3. Powering your unit
  4. Power & connectivity

Number of units required

To maintain an accurate count of a space, you need to install a Density DPU above every entryway.

Indoors only

Density units are designed for indoor use only.

Entryway / doorway specs

Supported mounting height (from floor):
7.5ft (2.3m) - 10ft (3.0m)

Supported max width:
8ft (2.4m)

Density does not support installations outside of this range.

Mounting / vertical clearance

For wall mounting, a minimum of 5 inches of unobstructed wall space is required above the entryway. This allows enough clearance for the unit to slide onto it's bracket.

If vertical mounting space is less than 5 inches, ceiling mounting will be required.


People are counted as they walk beneath the unit, in and out of a space. The Density DPU and Bracket need to be centered and installed directly above the entryway to ensure people are detected.

Density can not be mounted:

  • Inside the ceiling
  • On a side wall facing the entryway
  • In the corner of a room


For optimal performance, avoid having any obstructions directly below the sensor. Your Density Account Manager can provide guidance on placement in the event that there are obstructions that cannot be moved. Below are a list of possible obstructions:

  • Door elbow/hinge
  • Exit signs
  • Automatic door opening sensors
  • Security cameras
  • Air conditioners / Air curtains

Wall mounting

The wall bracket option is intended for installations with at least 5 inches of unobstructed wall space* above the entryway.

* 5 inches provides enough mounting clearance above the door to hang the unit as well as slide it over the wall bracket. This space is required to provide ample room for mounting the unit.

* 5 inches provides enough mounting clearance above the door to hang the unit as well as slide it over the wall bracket. This space is required to provide ample room for mounting the unit.

Ceiling mounting

Ceiling mounting is intended for any installation with:

  • floor ceiling doorways (door must not swing inward towards the unit)
  • less than 5 inches of vertical mounting space above the entryway

Any unit installed requiring a ceiling mount* will have the unit hanging 4 inches from the ceiling

* Ceiling Mount Kits are provided by Density at an additional cost.

Top of frame mounting

Top of frame mounting is an option for doorways or wall structures that are glass with metal structural framing.

Density's Utility Bracket* can be used to screw directly into the top of a metal frame (frame must be 0.5 inches thick or greater)

* Utility Brackets are provided by Density at an additional cost.

Every Density DPU ships with a Cat5e ethernet cable and wall power adapter. The wall adapter plugs into an outlet and provides power to the unit through ethernet cable if on-site PoE is not available in the building.

For a review of Density's network requirements, please review our supported networks.

Density supports:

Cat 5e/6/7 cabling and PoE 802.3at (30W) / standards.

Power accessories

(1) PoE injector
(1) Cat5e/6/7 cable

PoE — Standard wall drop


  • For simplicity of cable routing, install the PoE wall input close to the Density DPU
  • For tidier cable routing, we recommend using an ethernet cable length that matches the distance between DPU and wall ports

How is the unit powered

The sensor is powered via power-over-ethernet (PoE) or 12v 3a power adapter if PoE is unavailable.

Earlier models will require a PoE splitter to power the unit.

Poe — Ceiling mount drop


  • Place PoE drop as close to rod as possible
  • Run your ethernet cable down the rod and use zip-ties<* to fasten cable
  • Plug ethernet and barrel connectors into the back of the unit

*Zip ties are not included.

Extended wall power. No PoE on site


  • Using the Density provided 12v wall adapter
  • We recommend using cable clips for wire management*
  • Plug the barrel connector into the back of the unit

*Cable clips not included.

Class 1 Laser Product warning

EN/IEC 60825-1 2014 (2007 USA)