1. Introduction
  2. Supported networks
  3. Data consumption
  4. Hosting and destination addresses

What is Density?

Density is a Depth Processing Unit (DPU) and API. When our DPU is installed above a doorway or threshold, Density counts bi-directional traffic in real-time as people enter or exit a space.

The data is made available through our API and Dashboard.

What does a DPU require to function?

  • Internet connectivity
  • Network access to Density's servers and API
  • Access to power (PoE or Wall)

What data does a DPU collect?

A DPU collects the following data:

  • People count data *
  • Device metrics (CPU, memory, logs. etc.)

* All data is processed entirely on the device. Only count (+1/-1) events are transmitted to our servers – such as,"2 people entered at 10:30am", "1 person exited at 10:31am”.

Units can be configured to collect raw, unprocessed data for calibration purposes with the permission of the customer during a configuration period after install. This data is entirely anonymous and encrypted via TLS in transit.

How does a DPU connect to the internet

Density provides a setup application. The app is usable on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). Using bluetooth low energy (BLE), the app sends a network configuration file to the DPU that provides the necessary credentials to establish an internet connection.

Make sure to consult with your IT team for appropriate network credentials.

Setup App Download Link

Wireless connectivity

Not supported
WPA Enterprise / 802.1X
Proxy servers

Ethernet connectivity

Cat 5e+
Not supported
Proxy servers

Density doesn't support captive portal networks. This can be avoided by adding the unit's MAC address to the radius server

Network configurations

The following are configurable during unit setup:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Router (Gateway)
  • DNS servers (defaults to

Data breakdown

API Events:
Data Capture:
~1gb/hour (lossless)
Software Updates:

Daily Data Size:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting

  • Data centers located in Northern Virginia
  • No on-premise hosting

Open internet access

  • IPs rotate behind load balancers
  • CNAME whitelist (not IP)

We do not currently support IP address whitelisting. A list of exact API subdomains is available by your Density Account Manager upon request.

Traffic Summary

Sensors only make outbound requests

Strictly TCP/IP HTTPS (port 443). No UDP and/or non-standard ports used.

Class 1 Laser Product warning

EN/IEC 60825-1 2014 (2007 USA)